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The Innocent Smile 

Childishness is the origin of happiness. Kids’ smiles are way more imaginative and lively than we do. Living in today’s rapidly changing society, the only possible way out to obtain true happiness is to keep a young heart all the time.


The city may be small but the imagination and creativity of children are not limited by this. Therefore, I hope I could open the window of inspiration for the children to broaden their horizon and to live a different life. 



BreatheArt_ADAHK_Wong King Ching.jpg
Wong King Ching


Being Passionate about photography, King Ching joined the Photographic Club for the Deaf in 2003 and was able to break free from her usual pattern of photo-taking under the guidance of Mr Au Yeung, a renowned photographer. She produces innovative works infused with her own personal insights and feelings towards the surroundings. Works of King Ching are recognized through her reception of various awards, including the 1st runner up in Photography of outdoor group at “The 6th Hong Kong Abilympics” and her work “Villain Hitting” being shortlisted to enter “Cross All Borders: Hong Kong Festival Showcasing New Visual Artists with Disabilities 2010”. King Ching also shares her works with others through active participation in various exhibitions.


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