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Yeung begins painting at an early age, and her skills continue to progress and develop throughout the years. Yeung studied film in New York and later obtained an EMBA at Hong Kong City University. Yeung’s work is of a contemporary character and highly influenced by impressionism and chinese ink arts. Her work transforms the painting into spiritual art through vibrant colors, which is a very crucial element in visual experience. Yeung has been actively involved in social and charitable events and is a woman of social responsibility and vision. Her paintings are heavily collected by international private and corporate art lovers.



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Born in Hong Kong, Chan obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in in Toronto, Canada.  The excellence in her works lies in her consistent artistic level developed from her years of working in various art fields. Chan established an intense and psychological-themed style that carries a message.  Her works are heavily influenced by art styles such as surrealism and disguised symbolism which are often emulated in her visual vocabulary which captures her daily reflections on life, society and religion. Chan’s original acrylic & oil paintings are collected by corporations and private studios in Canada, China and Hong Kong.
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