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由生息藝術文化及草圖之合辦的生息藝術展2021-〈小城 · 大愛〉於2021年6月6日在堅.農圃開幕,希望啟發觀者在世界上最擠擁的城市之一的香港,也可以享受藝術為生活帶來的養分,共融社會和對這城市的愛與本。






中原地產及中原慈善基金慷慨資助「堅農圃」愛.珍惜  藝磚計劃

This year Breathe Life and Rough co-organizes a cross-over Art Tiles Project to promote arts and green-living culture in Hong Kong.


We aimed to convey messages of love, hope, green culture, environmental friendly and amiable community through Arts & Culture.


To commemorate the opening of K-farm on June 6, 2021 at Kennedy Town, we invited a group of 100+ Hong Kong art talents from various schools and professions with diversified ages and backgrounds. We put together a collection of creative minds by transferring different styles of artworks onto Art Tiles which were installed permanently for public viewing.

Art Tiles Project of K-farm was generously supported by Centaline Property and Centaline Charity Fund.

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