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Victor Wong perceives ink‐painting as an oriental perception of the Universe. Chinese have realized “Tao” from the intuitive patterns of ink absorption on xuan paper, spontaneous and yet follows a kind of order. By painting inside a 3D virtual space that dervied through studies of the fundamental physics of ink absorption on xuan paper, he explores a new dimension where ink and space interacts beautifully and dynamically, and he called it “Ink Immensity”. Wong extends this spiritual cognition through his volumetric ink world; he develops a new poetic aesthetic of abstract images, and invites the viewers to meditate and to seek for the significance of Chinese ink painting of our time. 

黃宏達視水墨哲學為古東方的宇宙觀。前人看水墨滲化在宣紙上的精微處而感悟大千世界— 混沌而偶然,但又規循有道。他試圖以立體影像去深化水墨這種倚重感覺的精神體會。他從水墨的微觀世界出發,將宣紙化墨的物理本質,編程成一個獨特的立體繪墨系統,以無限的層次來呈現、去探索「凌空墨化」的未知動感和美態!{立體水墨繪°}透過宣紙、雕塑及立體影像,來表現「黑墨圈裡天地寬」的詩意。這種別具深度的嶄新視覺「新景深」,帶有濃厚的抽象意味,墨色虛實不定,筆跡縱橫來去,似無還有的立體結構仿佛將時空凝頓,將觀者引進一種入定的情緖去思考自身與萬物的聯繫和水墨於當代的意義。 

Victor Wong studied Physics & Electrical Engineering, was exposed to the cultural climate in North America and graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1989. Since early 90's, he has been aware of his cultural vision in pioneering the emerging digital creative media and engaged with the exploration of new media and potential of art in the film industry. He once served as digital media consultant for Hong Kong Cyberport and Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications and awarded as one of Hong Kong’s 10 most outstanding young persons in 2005. Victor was renowned for his visionary treatment of unparalleled beauty to visual effects design for movies. He had developed visual effects treatment for over 100 feature films. His work won numerous International Design Awards including The New York Festival Award, Tokyo JIAA Advertising Award, Hong Kong Film Awards and The Golden Horse Awards. He is now focusing on his volumetric Ink work {3D‐iNKpaint°} and promoting this new form of Chinese ink painting through state‐of‐the‐art imagery.



Victor Wong 
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