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The act of communion is an exploration of artists’ awareness of the togetherness. A true communion is about sharing. Breaking bread and sharing wine remind us of the grace of the Creator and to love our neighbors as ourselves. It also acknowledges us to share our love for this

city with each other. 


Oil on canvas

30cm x 30cm


Mini Choi

Mini Choi, an interdisciplinary artist who has been working in painting photography, videography, performance, mixed, media, lyrics, writing, broadcasting, editing, and directing. Her creative practices are rich in aural visual and cultural gradations. In her recent studio practice, she painted people whom she interviewed. Besides participating in many art exhibitions Mini

has also co-curated more than seventy-seven art exhibitions exhibited with more than two hundred artists. She is the co-founder of Mini and Michael Gallerists and PRESS MINIÆ Mini has published five books and over three hundred lyrics co-directed and produced music videos TV shows and documentaries. Mini studied paintings at Emily Carr University of Art and Design B.C., Canada. She earned a Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies with a concentration in Christianity and the Arts from Regent College B.C., Canada and a BBA from Simon Fraser University B.C., Canada. Mini's works reflect her research in theological studies. 

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