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“Love” was the first word that surged up in my mind when I heard about this topic.

So I thought what and who makes me feel loved and adored? In my life, I have been surrounded by compassionate and loving people, but there are two people who evoke my own definition of love the most. They are my parents. I would love to encapsulate their most appealing moments to me in my paintings so as to show people what love means to me.

Katrina Que


Every curve and line that molds a divine body, every expression and look a person forms is what tremendously captivates a 13 year old girl’s attention. Katrina Que is a teenager who is really sensitive with lines so she customarily captures them with ease. She also shows deep affection for human facial features and bodies.She has developed this kind of affection ever since she was young. She once wondered why is there a philtrum on our face. That little bump sits just right upon her lips really attracts that little mind of hers. From then on she has tried to add the little line on every piece of her portrait painting.

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