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Jasmine Chau


2 + 2 is a self generated photo collage from a photo I took near Yau Ma Tei on a beautiful afternoon. The two staff, presumably a husband and wife works strenuously at their local Hong Kong restaurant. Near the cash register stands two lucky cats, transcending joy, happiness and luck to customers who arrives. I distinctively wanted to capture the day-to-day life and effort that the staff puts in, regardless of a busy day or not. The photo demonstrates their work ethic and attitude towards a place that encapsulates the years of memories. Collectively, it truly takes more than a person to sustain a local business as such. It requires at least a small community, even as little as a husband and wife, to deliver an abundant amount of love and compassion through their daily work. Particularly at rough times, a vulnerable individual certainly needs a supportive group to carry him/her over. Hence, two, as a number matters, as it conveys strength, support and love in many circumstances.   

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