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Lay Down and Be Chill

Hong Kong, a densely populated small city where skyscrapers are rising into the skyline with millions people packed inside. But still, we can still live stylishly in this dense city. Lying down in the old-school folding chair in tank top and pants with e-book in one hand and beer in another, I wonder who is chilling out here and yes…foreigners know how to enjoy life best.



BreatheArt_ADAHK_Jack Li.jpg
Jack Li

Jack Li specializes in both landscape and surreal photography. He currently continues his exploration on surrealistic creation and creates works that reflect his inner world.


Jack is the associate of the Royal Photographic Society, United Kingdom and one of the Angles of Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong. He is the Gold Medalist of Documentary Photography and Portrait Photography in “The 7th and 8th International Abilympics”. He actively participated in various exhibitions including Cross all Borders: 3+3 Photo Exhibition 2009, Hong Kong Photo Festival 2010 and Exhibitions by Photographic Club for the Deaf. He is one of the delegation members of the “2010 International VSA Festival, Washington D.C.”. He was invited by LCSD’s Art Promotion Office to be one of the photographers of “12 Oil Street” in 2011. He also contributes to the society. He spends his spare time being a photography volunteer in charity activities. He hopes to encourage people with hearing impairment to learn photography to communicate with the world and feel the joy of life.



李業福為英國皇家攝影學會會士(ARPS),現為香港展能藝術會展能藝術天使。積極參與不同比賽並屢次獲獎,當中包括第七屆及第八屆「國際展能節」紀錄及人像攝影獲得金獎。作品亦在不少攝影展中展出,包括:「3+3」攝影展2009、香港攝影節2010,以及聾影社展覽等。2010年,他更成為香港代表團成員,參加於美國首都華盛頓舉行的《2010 國際展能藝術節》。2011年,他應藝術推廣辦事處邀請成為《油街12》攝影師。在藝術創作以外,他亦希望鼓勵更多聾人學習攝影,以此增加跟外界溝通機會,打開心扉,體驗人生樂趣。


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