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As an avid proponent of street and candid photography, Hilaire creates “|>||” as her exhibition debut. The piece captures the essence of the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. The centerpiece serves as a reminder for us to take small pauses once in awhile.


作為街頭攝影和抓怕的愛好者,Hilaire創作了“|> ||”作為她的首次亮相。一系列拼貼作品捕捉了香港喧囂的精髓。而位於中心位置的作品提醒都市人偶爾需要靜一靜,停一停。

|> || Pause




Hilaire Chow


Hilaire Chow has been involved with the art industry since she was a little girl. However, it was not until university when she struck interest in photography through her studies in history and politics. What was initially a past time hobby soon turned into an unexpected passion. She brings a contrasting perspective through her artworks having spent her time in both Hong Kong and Vancouver. Her biggest inspiration is her mother, who is a Hong Kong artist and philanthropist. 


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