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In the whirlpool of life, sometimes the wind is high and the waves are fast, sometimes all are calm, and yet every moment is of God’s grace!

​Counting Blessings (#1 - 12)


Oil on Canvas 





30×30 cm

Candy Chan


Candy Chan, chairman and one of the founders of iArt Club, who has participated in several art exhibitions, is student of renowned artist Marco Szeto. Life is art with no boundary. It can be a button, a thread, a pocket, an embroidery or a pattern on fashion pieces. Born to love beauty and sharing, having spent her life in the fashion industry, she balanced between her demanding career and taking care of her family while pursuing her dreams, optimistically experiencing life for herself and her loved ones. She is blessed to have the opportunity to live her dreams in freedom, to share her passion in beauty and kindness through painting, her lifelong love. Life is short, art lives forever!



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