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250x250mm Pastel, enamel paint on plywood 2018
Louise_The stars lead my way home(6)_330
Louise_The stars lead my way home(2)_300

The Stars Lead My Way Home​

Pastel, enamel paint on plywood

My humanist impulse have been my major current in sustaining my art practice. I scan, examine and display the harmony and conflict of human being under different circumstances. My works recorded the shift of my identity, from one to another in the past 15 years. From a point of view as a citizen, a daughter of a traditional family and a mother of two children, my works are all about my interest in displaying human stories and the urge to express the resiliency of a multi-role female of nowadays world.

Louise Lee 


Louise Lee, graduated from RMIT, Melbourne. Lee obtained her Master of Fine Art in 2003, specialized in Drawing. Lee has participated in many solo and joint exhibitions in different countries including the "Red-volution", in Sydney in 2013. Lee was awarded the top 20 finalists in the Hong Kong art prize, 2013. She is currently an Art teacher in Hong Kong Japanese School and a part-time lecturer in Hong Kong Art School. 


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